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Big Brothers Big Sisters would like to share a way for you to give back to your community, the "Big Neighbors" program. We know families go through tough times and there are essential needs they will go without if they do not receive assistance. As we touch base with our families through match support, they share with us their struggles. In turn, we connect them to services either through the Big Neighbors program or other social services offered in the community.

How you can help through the Big Neighbors program:

1. Run critical errands for the families we serve.

2. Purchase out of your own pocket some grocery items for a family in need (we will meet you to pick the items up and drop off to the family).

3. Add can goods to one of our Little Free Libraries/Food Pantry (we will provide you with the location).

4. Design your own way to help (such as offering a service like lawn care).

5. Add me to a list and if a need arises, I will let you know if I can help.

Not able to do any of the following? Then please consider a donation and we'll purchase and deliver what they need. Include "Big Neighbors Program" in your donation comment box. 


Join Us!
If you're interested in being a part of the Big Neighbors program, please reach out to Kelly Qualls, VP of Programs at

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