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(We do not own the rights to the song. Imagine Dragons On Top of The World.)

In 2016, Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Alabama decided to create a new, mission-driven source of revenue. With the help of a local coffee shop and the generous donation of a BBBS supporter, we traveled to Costa Rica to meet multiple farmers and ultimately partnered with Geovanni for our first blend of the Opportunity Bean™. He’s a hardworking, single-process, micro-lot farmer who produces some of the worlds most exquisite coffee beans.Our purchase of Geovanni’s beans gives him the financial opportunity to support his family and continue his masterful coffee-growing techniques that have been a tradition in his family for generations. In turn, your purchase of the Opportunity Bean™ contributes to Geovanni’s success and creates life-changing friendships between Bigs and Littles in south Alabama.


Every penny of your purchase helps us to give our community’s most vulnerable children a relationship that changes their lives for the better, forever. From Costa Rica to Alabama, the opportunities abound.  Enjoy our delicious coffee with the satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference in this world.


The Opportunity Bean™ will be an ongoing venture for Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Alabama so keep it in mind for corporate gifts, birthday gifts, and all the gifts you plan to give all year long. Purchase the Opportunity Bean ™ now by clicking here!

For questions or concerns related to the Opportunity Bean, please contact Aimee Risser at or 251.344.0536.

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